A collaboration between aCGT Vector – Dublin-based point-of-care cell and gene therapy-as-a-servcice (TaaS)company and Xcell Biosciences Inc, a San Francisco-based, AI instrumentation company focused on cell and gene therapy application, will greatly improve and optimize manufacturing and analytic procedures used to develop personalized cell and gene therapies for cancer patients.

According to the CEO and co-Foounder of aCGT Vector, Gary McAuslan, their GMP-compliant manufacturing environment will demonstrate the use of Xcell Bio’s AVATAR AI to support the development and deployment of cell therapeutic procedures proximal to patients in the treatment of cancer.

AVATAR AI has the unique ability to enable the creation of therapeutic products with increased potency and persistence as well as reduced cell exhaustion by simulating the tumor microenvironment (TME) ex vivo. Tight control and manipulation of atmospheric pressures and oxygen concentrations in direct contact with the cell therapy product are made possible by proprietary technology.

To enable real-time, label-free cell killing analysis of cell treatments aimed at solid tumors, the AVATAR AI uses to maximum advantage the tight environmental control of the proven AVATAR product family and couples it with a customized reader. The AVATAR AI system is now in late-stage beta and is focused on building next-generation immunotherapy testing workflows.

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