The European School of Haematology’s 3rd Translational Research Conference on IMMUNE & CELLULAR THERAPIES: Focus on Advanced Gene-Engineered Immune Cells offers a cutting-edge programme of basic and clinical science, along with opportunities for informal scientific interaction with a panel of global experts.

Open to biologists and clinicians worldwide, including those still in training, this conference will unite professionals interested in immune and cellular therapies, particularly advanced gene-engineered immune cells. Attendees can expect to see new data presented and engage in spirited debates on how to best apply these insights to the future of immune and cellular therapies.

Key topics

  • Clinical development of CAR-T cell therapy
  • Emerging targets for cell therapy
  • Receptor engineering for tumor therapy
  • Gene editing to enhance efficacy
  • Novel cell types and sources – beyond autologous
  • Engineering immune cells in vivo
  • Correlative analyses of response and resistance
  • Overcoming barriers to improve response
  • The future of engineered cell therapy
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