The Mission of CGT Forum

We want to make Ireland a Global leader for the development, manufacture, supply and adoption of advanced therapies, including cell and gene therapies and novel vaccines, through strong investment in world-class training, an innovative research base and excellent clinical trials infrastructure.

There are now over 100 members on the CGT Forum representing a variety of different stakeholders including:

  • Multinational biopharma companies
  • Equipment vendors
  • Design/engineering companies
  • Specialist recruitment companies
  • Higher education-based researchers
  • Research institutes
  • Representative bodies
  • Government agencies
  • National funding agencies
  • Indigenous & international biotech companies

CGT Forum Working Groups

The Forum is currently working on addressing what it believes Ireland needs to do to ensure it capitalises on the huge commercial and therapeutic opportunity that advanced therapeutics represent. Seven working groups have been established to focus on specific priority areas to ensure success:

Working Group 1

Development of a CGT manufacturing technical/capability ‘strengths-map’ for Ireland

Working Group 2

Understanding the big challenges facing CGT manufacturing

Working Group 3

Influencing Ireland investment/funding decision-making in CGT manufacturing

Working Group 4

Influencing European decision-making in CGT & ATMP manufacturing

Working Group 5

Developing Ireland’s Education & ATMP Training programs to support CGT manufacturing and development.

Working Group 6

Supporting a thriving CGT indigenous start-ups and SME environment

Working Group 7

Improving Ireland’s CGT Clinical Trial ecosystem

Working Groups Recommendations and Strategies

Throughout 2022-23 these groups will generate recommendations and strategies that, it is hoped, will shape national policy and actions to ensure that the ecosystem:

Strategy One

Attracts FDI in the form of CGT manufacturing activity to Ireland, with an ambition to match the success in the recombinant protein space in recent decades.

Strategy Two

Prioritises, supports and promotes indigenous innovation within the HEI and start-up sector.

Strategy Three

Provides relevant education and training offerings to ensure the development of an appropriately skilled workforce.

Strategy Four

Advances Ireland as an attractive location for supporting clinical trials in CGT.

Forum Membership

There are currently over 100 members of the CGT Forum. Names and further information about the members can be found in our searchable database.

To become a member of the CGT Forum please contact us using the link below.

Join the CGT Forum

The benefits of joining the CGT Forum include:

  • Opportunity to participate in Forum meetings and events
  • Membership of an expansive cross-sectoral network of ATMP-focused stakeholders
  • Improved access to influencers across the industry, academic and government sector
  • Opportunity to shape the ATMP agenda in Ireland