Bryan Hennelly


We build microscopes and spectroscopy systems to probe living or fixed cells in terms of shape (3D morphology) and chemical make-up via Raman spectrocopy without using any labels. This cytology data can often be used to detect changes in the chemical composition/morphological features of the cells under stess or stimululs, or to distinguish between different classes of cells. Applications include diagnostics and drug testing. The cells can be analysed alive within incubators or fixed on glass slides, prepared using a variety of methods.

Bryan Hennelly

Principal Investigator/Associate Professor
Electronic Engineering, Maynooth University 0857268728


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Dept. Electronic Engineering, Maynooth Engineering,
Co. Kildare,
Ireland 0857268728

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytics
  • Data Analysis
  • Digital
  • Microscopy/Imaging