Declan Devine


The Polymer, Recycling, Industrial, Sustainability and Manufacturing Research Institute builds on TUS Athlone’s >50 years involvement with the Irish polymer sector. Our research spans TRL levels 1-9 with an emphasis on Polymer Science and Engineering. PRISM is made up of a multidisciplinary team of world class researchers conducting industrially relevant research in the polymer space. PRISM researhers has expertise in the development of solid dispersions and controlled release systems for various API including drugs, peptides and proteins. PRISM incorporates the Enterprise Ireland Funded Technology Gateway Centre Applied Polymer Technologies.

Declan Devine

Research Director
PRISM (Polymers, Recycling, Industrial, Sustainability and Manufacturing) Research Institute +353906468291


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University road,
N37 HD68,
Ireland +353906468291

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytics
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Delivery
  • Microscopy/Imaging