Martina Scallan


With research expertise in classical and molecular virology and cell culture systems, I established a Category II Virus Research Laboratory at UCC, and welcome collaborators. I have trained and supervised many PhD and M.Sc. students in fundamental research projects directed towards dissecting the molecular interplay between viruses and their host cells.

Collaboration within and beyond UCC has supported more applied facing research in the field of virus vectors and Virus-like particles for therapeutic intervention in the face of cancer, neurodegeneration and genetic disease.

Innovation funding has supported investigation of 3-D culture systems as a platform for virus-vector based production systems.
Indeed fundamental studies on virus-cell interactions have yielded insights into the impact of culture supplements on virus yields that may find applications in optimisation of yields of virus-based products such as vaccines and vectors.

Dr Martina Scallan

Research Virologist
School of Microbiology 353 21 4903231


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University College Cork
T12 CY82

353 21 4903231

Areas of Expertise

  • Data Analysis
  • Delivery
  • Discovery
  • Gene Therapy (non-viral)
  • Gene therapy (viral)
  • Microscopy/Imaging
  • RNA
  • Training