Mark Tangney


My lab has experience in working with bacterial and viral vectors, and oncolytic viruses for cancer cell & gene therapy. More recent work involves synthetic protein technology. I am also the director of the UCC SynBioCentre

Cell & Gene Therapy appointments:
– Vice Secretary, International Society of Cell & Gene Therapy for Cancer. Organising chair 2009 conference in UCC
– Past Scientific Committee member of European Society for Gene & Cell Therapy (ESGCT)
– Past Vice President of the Irish Society for Gene & Cell Therapy
– Associate Editor, Current Gene Therapy
– Editorial Board member, Human Gene Therapy

Example past Gene Therapy grant-funded projects:
– PI; EU FP7; 2010-2012; “Development of a Novel Vector for Cancer Gene Therapy for Clinical Application”;
– PI; Health Research Board; 2008-2011; “Bifidobacteria mediated cancer gene therapy”
– co-PI; Irish Cancer Society; 2011-2014; “Combined biotherapeutics for the treatment of metastatic cancer”;
– PI; Science Foundation Ireland; 2007-2008; “Listeria monocytogenes as a vector for cancer gene therapy”
– co-PI; SFI; 2006-2009; ‘Adeno-Associated Virus as a vector for immune gene therapy of solid tumours.’;
– co-PI; HRB; 2005-2008; ‘Long-term, systemic antitumour immunity via local, non-viral gene therapy of malignant tumours’

Mark Tangney

Director , Research ; Startup company supports ; New course development
Cancer Research@UCC ; iEd Hub ; CorkBio Hub ; SynBio Centre ; APC Microbiome Ireland +353 21 420 5625


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University College Cork,
T12 XF62,
Ireland +353 21 420 5625

Areas of Expertise

  • Bioinformatics
  • Delivery
  • Gene Therapy (non-viral)
  • Training