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At MaxCyte®, we have spent over 20 years honing our cell engineering expertise, optimising static electroporation and innovating to create our Flow Electroporation® technology. Our collection of ExPERT™ instruments delivers engineering excellence, combining high efficiency and cell viability with seamless scalability. Our technology is empowering research journeys from concept to commercialisation.

Achieve highly efficient electroporation. Whether you’re developing allogeneic or autologous cell therapies, getting efficient transfection can save time and protect samples, moving you into the clinic. With the ExPERT™ platform you can rely on high transfection efficiency with any cell type or transfected molecule. Ensuring efficient, reproducible gene editing with limited cytotoxicity, scaling from pilot to production volumes, and achieving a high therapeutic index are just a few challenges in the cell therapy development journey that can lead to long and unexpected detours. By partnering with MaxCyte®, you can streamline your progress and increase certainty around critical cell engineering steps, keeping your program on a direct route to success.

We help leading researchers make cell therapy a reality. With the only electroporation technology proven to scale from early research through to patient treatment, MaxCyte® is proud to be a critical partner enabling many of the industry’s cell therapy successes.

Debra Barberini

Ireland Business Manager
Sales and Marketing +44 7946029044


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Areas of Expertise

  • Cell therapy (Allogeneic)
  • Cell Therapy (Autologous)
  • Clinical
  • Equipment supply
  • Gene Therapy (non-viral)
  • Manufacturing sciences
  • Omics
  • Process Development
  • RNA
  • Training
  • Vaccines