Nicholas Dunne


Biodesign Europe combines the strengths of Arizona State University and Dublin City University, two leading institutions striving to make much-needed scientific innovations available to advance society. Inspired by nature’s design, particularly at the intersection of engineering, biology and computing, our scientific discoveries have to make the transition from laboratory inventions to usable technologies from which people and society can benefit.

Within the research theme of Biotechnology, we are working to understand normal and diseased states to revolutionize new therapeutic treatments for inflammatory/inherited diseases and cancer. Such biotechnology-based advances have created the exciting new era of precision medicine that considers patient variability, such as genetics, environment and lifestyles, by providing the right patient with the right medicine at the right time.

For example, several cancer treatments have shifted from the one-size-fits-all treatment approach to a more focused strategy where targeted therapies are matched to the molecular profile of a patient’s tumor.

Additionally, within the research theme of Healthcare Technologies, we are developing innovative advanced therapy medicinal products and medical device technologies to combat life-threatening diseases and traumatic injuries. For example, we are designing medical device technology for non-viral delivery of nucleic acids and anionic small molecules for genetic therapies in cancer, chronic wounds and bone regeneration.

Our technology platforms aim to restore normal function and optimize surgical procedures and other interventions to achieve high-precision, tailored drug delivery with minimal invasiveness, improve patient care and rehabilitation.

Nicholas Dunne

Director of Academic Research Institute
Biomedical Engineering 35317005712


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Stokes Building, Dublin City University, Glasnevin,
D09 Y5N0,
Ireland 35317005712

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytics
  • Cell Therapy (Autologous)
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Data Analysis
  • Delivery
  • Engineering services
  • Gene Therapy (non-viral)
  • Manufacturing sciences
  • Microscopy/Imaging
  • Process Development
  • Vaccines