In a world where every cell holds a secret and is a realm for discovery, the Bioprocessing Summit returns as the catalyst for unraveling the complexities of advanced therapeutic interventions. Join the convergence of seasoned experts as they share insights and deliberate on pertinent and trending issues in the industry. While spreading enlightenment on these burning topics, there will be discussions on the application of environmentally conscious and socially responsible practices in the field of Bioprocessing. By examining case studies and drawing insights from lessons learned, the summit aids in shaping the very future we have dared to imagine.

The Conferenzia World Global Bioprocessing Summit is an immersive two-day conference in the city of Munich, Germany that will bring together enlightened industry leaders to connect and exchange ideas. Gain invaluable insights that optimize continuous production and mitigate manufacturing risks.

Key Topics:

• Breakthroughs in Cell Line Development for Superior Vaccines

• In-line monitoring of the mRNA In Vitro Transcription Reaction

• Smart Manufacturing in Bioprocessing

• Enhancing Contamination Control in Bioprocessing

• Therapeutic Potentials of Extracellular Vesicles

• Intelligent Single-Use Technologies to Empower Autonomous Decision-Making

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