On April 20th, 2023, NIBRT organized the Biopharma Focus on the Future Conference, which brought together top experts in biopharmaceutical manufacturing to explore the latest advancements in biotechnology and manufacturing science.

This landmark event provided a significant opportunity to highlight Ireland’s thriving biopharma research ecosystem and further bolster the country’s reputation as a hub of innovation and expertise in biopharma manufacturing.

Minister Simon Coveney provided insightful comments during the conference's opening, recognizing the numerous stakeholders who have contributed to the thriving Irish biopharmaceutical sector

The conference welcomed 100 attendees, including Minister Simon Coveney, who emphasized the significance of the biopharma industry to Ireland’s economy and the critical role played by NIBRT in supporting its growth. The recorded speaker sessions will be released shortly.

For more details on the event, please follow the link below.