“Medicines of the Future” conference, hosted by NIBRT, will take place on May 24, 2024. 

This event will bring together experts, researchers, and industry professionals to discuss the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the development and manufacturing of advanced therapeutics. 

Highlights of the conference include:

  • Insightful presentations from experts in biopharmaceuticals and drug development.
  • Poster sessions displaying the latest research in biopharma manufacturing.
  • Networking opportunities to connect with peers, potential collaborators, and industry leaders.

This event will feature talks and presentations from distinguished speakers: 

Dame Professor Sarah Gilbert – Oxford University

Professor Nicki Panoskaltsis – Trinity College Dublin, St.James’s Hospital

Dr. Larry Bacon – St.James’s Hospital, Trinity’s School of Medicine

Dr. Brian Harrison – HiTech Health

Dr. Bernie Sweeney – Lonza

Dr. Brian Philip – CONCEPT

Professor Sakis Mantalaris – NIBRT

Professor Anne Moore – NIBRT

Professor Mark Smales – NIBRT

For more information visit the link below.