The latest Cell & Gene Therapy Forum (CGT Forum) meeting took place at The Campus Cherrywood last Friday. The CGT forum is a group of Irish innovators and thought leaders with a mission to plan and coordinate Ireland’s approach to becoming a global leader in advanced therapeutics.

The Forum is currently working on strategies to ensure Ireland capitalises on the huge commercial and therapeutic opportunity that advanced therapeutics represent. Seven working groups have been established to focus on specific areas of policy and at the meeting last week we heard updates on progress from each.

The forum includes representatives from multinational biopharma companies, design/engineering companies, higher education institutes, representative bodies, funding agencies, equipment vendors, specialist recruitment companies, research institutes, government agencies and indigenous and international biotech companies.

The event was hosted at The Campus Cherrywood and was a wonderful opportunity for members to experience the new cutting-edge Pioneer Group incubation and acceleration facility for life science and health technology experts, investors and researchers. See more about The Campus Cherrywood

If you would like to join the discussion or get involved with the CGT forum visit our Advanced Therapeutics Ireland website at or follow us on LinkedIn.